Global Sales Company


Representing a full range of nonwovens including:

- Meltblown Polypropylene  - spill control products and technical industrial applications such as SMS and abrasive and nonabrasive wipes.

- Spunlace - all types of composites used primarily for wiping applications including natural sustainable fibers Polypropylene - industrial, medical and personal hygiene applications.

- Spunbond Polyester - Filtration, dryer sheets and window covering application.

- Spunbond Polypropylene  - used in industrial, automotive, bedding, and fiberglass backing applications.


U.S. Department of Commerce    Export Achievement Award

U.S. Department of Commerce
Export Achievement Award


Established in 1994, Global Sales Company is an independent factory representative firm representing manufacturers throughout the world.  

Our marketing focus has been the nonwovens industry including wet and dry wipe materials, filtration and dryer sheet media, industrial spill control and nonwovens for the industrial sectors.

Having a factory representative firm on your side, allows the customer the opportunity to buy factory direct, as well as consolidate products from a variety of producers at the lowest possible cost.

Our customer base reaches throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Please send your inquiry to  or contact Will Krupka at (410) 740-3350.